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About Us

A fterglow is the magazine to read to inspire, motivate, and express yourself.

Afterglow features celebrities, fashion bloggers, and artists that are unique and inspiring.

Our mission is to inspire individuals to uncover their creativity
and have the confidence to express themselves.

Everyone has a dream, we want you to follow it!

Join us for fun and amazing photos, interviews and articles from people who have already followed theirs!

Our Mission

We believe that the world needs more uplifting and positive messages aimed towards the masses, so we came up with a magazine to do just that! Sometimes we tend to get caught up with the daily struggles of life and forget to remember our very existence and forget to ask why we do the things we do. We want you to realize that you have unlimited potential, creativity, and the power to create your reality. To not be scared to express your style, thoughts and go after what you truly want in life!

The beginning..

First issue features: Janel Parrish, Audrey Kitching, Kerli, Giselle Bonilla, David Lambert, Devon Werkheiser & more!

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